About Us

Living here in Ketchikan Alaska is a totally unique experience and like no other place on earth. Our home, on the edge of the Tongass National Forest lets us enjoy the Alaska beauty at its finest everyday.  We wish everyone could enjoy the wonders that we have the privilege to see and experience it for themselves.  Ketchikan is our home and we love to share it with all who come ashore.  Years ago we had a dream to bring to others part of this experience we enjoy here.  We have worked hard in making that dream a reality for visitors and guests.  Of course today much of the life blood of this tiny fishing and logging community is based on the guests that visit our Alaska island.


As the proclaimed salmon capital of the world there is of course a great focus placed on the “salmon” here in Ketchikan.  First City Salmon is no exception to this paradigm. We teach salmon, entertain salmon, ship fresh salmon, cook salmon, serve salmon, teach classes on how to cook salmon and even dream on salmon pillows.  We are indeed the go to place for salmon, not just here in Ketchikan but any place across this great country.


This is simple. We are dedicated to making sure that you have the best experience and will work to prove that to you in everything we do.  We look forward to sharing what we have and know about salmon with you.


Addison Sovine

First City Salmon